December 9, 2008

apothecary-inspired bathroom

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Inspired by an apothecary-styled bathroom I saw in an ’06 issue of Domino, I set out to define my own space with the pharmaceutical trinkets of old-school drugstores. Due to not owning my own space, I couldn’t do everything that my little heart desired (off-white subway tiling anyone?) but I was able to add a little here and there. While I did this back in ’06 when I lived in Birmingham, AL (and had a much bigger bathroom to play with), with the upcoming move, I want to continue what was limited to me in my small (and shared) first nyc bathroom space.


I actually found these old medicine bottles buried in the woods at my grandmother’s house back in Tennessee. Currently, they act merely as eye candy, but when I had high shelves in my bham bathroom, they held my shampoo and conditioner (Scout the cat enjoys knocking stuff off the tub way too much now). First up in new apartment, install high shelves to keep away from kitty!

 bathroom3I bought this medicine cabinet off ebay for about $10. It was an icky green color originally, but a little bit of white spraypaint cleaned it up quite nice. I ran a piece of sandpaper over it to give it that “vintage” feel. To add some playfulness to it, I painted a red cross symbol on one side.



 I was in Pottery Barn over the weekend and noticed these great apothecary-inspired pieces.img28m1

I actually bought the soap dispenser a year and a half ago at Domino magazine’s bazaar. I can’t help but wonder if the designer is the same or if these are wanna-be versions. The bottom of mine has the designer’s initials  (AR), while these had the Pottery Barn name written across…a mystery that I plan to solve (and while I’m at it, I may as well pick up the large and small canister…for research purposes only of course).


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  1. Jennifer said,

    love the bottles! those are my favorite things to find at flea markets, etc.

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