December 9, 2008

christmas card cheer

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I love that time of year when you start seeing little red and green envelopes in your mailbox. For a brief moment, you forget the chill in the air and have that warm fuzzy feeling inside because you know someone wants to wish you happy holidays. Send your loved ones fun vintage Christmas postcards or download images to create your own!

etsy love

etsy love-these postcards are circa 1910!


this darling image is one of over 100 that you get on a CD, print them out and make your own creations!

 These kinds of cards remind me of the kind we used to get as a family when I was a kid. Even though that was in the 80s-90s, it still has that retro style to it. My parents would always let me tear open the envelopes and we taped the cards around the frame of our french doors leading out onto the deck and what didn’t fit there was taped to the edge of the bar counter. Okay, so not the most chic way of displaying, but that was our tradition, and I loved it.

For those of you who love your modern times, I heart these Christmas cards from Kate’s Paperie. Just check out those yummy designs!




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  1. allyson said,

    cuuute cards!

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