December 12, 2008

silhouette style

Posted in decorating tagged , at 7:23 am by Brit

dwellings and decor blog

dwellings and decor blog

Silhouettes are an easy go-to if you’re stumped on what to put on your wall. They can look classy, artsy, majestic, or modern—so many different faces! (corny pun intended)

This domino reader had a fun idea. It would also look neat done with fruit and/or veggie silhouettes for the kitchen, or maybe animals for a children’s room.



Eddie Ross (if this name isn’t familiar to you, go to his site…immediately) is a creative genius. Check out this project he did that consists of a beautiful Roman bust design he got from a plate and simple glass etching.

finished product

finished product



  1. eddie said,

    thank you so much for your sweet post!
    Eddie Ross

  2. Jennifer said,

    love silhouettes!

  3. […] in decorating tagged christopher jagmin at 9:55 am by briadrye I think you all know my fetish with silhouettes, therefore you can’t be too surprised when, while doing my morning blog reading, I had to […]

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