January 9, 2009

word on the street

Posted in decorating, designer tagged , , at 5:03 pm by Brit


Rumor has it that noted designer Michael S. Smith has been chosen to take on the mission of decorating the White House. Though his style perfectly portrays what I think the White House would look like, filled with beautiful antiques and sophisticated style, I just had in my mind that the Obamas would choose a decorating scheme a little more low-key. Don’t get me wrong, Michael will no doubtedly go down in history as one of the best designers of our generation, but his design style doesn’t scream to me “for family with two small children whose headline is ‘Change’.” Other names being flown around are D.C. designer Darryl Carter and Nate Berkus. Now Nate, I can fully see doing…especially with his Chicago/Oprah ties. My friend Jennifer over at Peak of Chic has a nice little gossip thread going…has anyone else heard anything?



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  1. […] in designer tagged designer, rumor, white house interior designer at 2:54 pm by briadrye The rumor is official. Michael S. Smith is heading to the White House as the First Family’s interior […]

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