January 22, 2009

photography crush-ryan carville

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Okay, so I have to brag a little bit about my incredibly talented friends, one in particular. I met him on a photoshoot about a year ago and I was amazed at how naturally gifted he was at such a young age. He’s only 24, but has the creative eye of someone who’s been in this business for many years. He’s already shot for major ad campaigns and you have more than likely seen some of his work in various magazines.










I love this guy and his work. The sweet yet snarky photographer sat down with me to chat about what makes him tick.

Design*Champagne: What do you love most about taking pictures?
Ryan: There is something about capturing something that the eye will never see. Whether it be a sincere emotion that as humans we never really stare at to study while someone is experiencing it or when the sun’s rays lay in just the right way on an object that most of us just look past. The beauty in photography is not the subject, but what is evoked by the subject.
Design*Champagne: What inspires your ideas?
Ryan: Many things. It could be as simple as a person’s eyes to a swatch of color. It is all about being in the moment and knowing when to pounce.

What’s your favorite type of subject?
Ryan: I would have to say paper. I haven’t shot much of it lately, but there is something about the way you can manipulate it in so many ways to create an image that becomes extremely abstract. Almost to the point your brain knows it is photography but it becomes photography with painterly qualities.

If you could shoot anywhere, where would it be?  
Ryan: Anywhere there is a peaceful vibe, great music, lots of dancing and laughing. Generally, that is how I like the environment to be when I shoot. Happy and upbeat. But I know you want specifics so I just threw a dart at a map and it landed on the wall. Maybe the gods are telling me something or maybe I am just really bad at darts.

Design*Champagne: Which artist do you admire most?
Ryan: Hmmmm…you had to ask this one huh? It is hard to say because I love each one in a different way. To say I have a favorite is to say birds only like shitting on newly washed cars. I love Richard Avedon for his journey in photography. I find his work obviously amazing, but I am more interested in what molded him. Artist works are a timeline their lives. There were ups. There were downs. And I like to watch how it effected their works.  

Design*Champagne: What are you currently working on?  
Ryan: I have been working on a series over the past 2 years with a working title of “Street Faces”. All shot on black and white medium format film (120 to be exact). The concept is based around the notion of wanting to people-watch in public places but always having to turn away right as the scene is getting good. Right as the “actors” notice they have an audience.

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment thus far?
Honestly, I think it is surviving as solely a photographer. This industry is rough!!! I am so grateful that my passion has been able to sustain me and I would hope that it continues to for years to come. I don’t know what else I would do if I couldn’t just be a shooter. I think I would be a pretty miserable person to be around if I wasn’t doing what I am doing. So yes, just embracing life as it comes and following a dream is my greatest accomplishment.

Be sure to check out more of Ryan’s work here and here.




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  1. allyson said,

    omg his works are beautiful.

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