February 3, 2009

sewing project

Posted in Apartment Project, sewing tagged at 5:18 pm by Brit

Last night I began one of the many projects for my new apartment. Having worked in shelter magazines over the past three years, I’ve acquired a nice little collection of fabric samples that have been tossed to the side after photoshoots. I’ve finally decided to put one of my favorites to use by covering the cushions that are on my bar stools. Like cooking, sewing is not my forte but, also like cooking, I’m trying to get better at it. My grandmother was a sewing queen, sewing clothes and blankets for us kids when we were young. I used to watch her work away on her old-fashioned Singer sewing machine, which I have enthusiastically inherited.
love it

love it

Unfortunately, due to space, it remains at my parents’ house in Tennessee so I have to execute my sewing attempt with regular needle and thread. The only thing I’ve managed to accomplish before now is sewing buttons back onto jackets (and even that, not very well), so it should be interesting to see how this works out. In the meantime, I can fantasize about being as talented as my grandmother was and therefore can justify for wanting a room like this.
crafty intentions on flickr

crafty intentions on flickr


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