March 4, 2009

i’m a little teapot

Posted in decorating, tabletop tagged , at 3:24 pm by Brit

confectionary clay's etsy shop

confectionary clay's etsy shop











I love bird motifs and these two teapots do it brilliantly. The first I found in the charming little Etsy shop, ConfectionaryClay. The little bluebird knob is so sweet! The Regency-style Wedgwood teapot is classic, with a subtle bird motif wound into the floral vignettes.

eddie ross

eddie ross



















How great is this tabletop? Eddie, invite me to tea!

haviland via domino

haviland via domino

I wouldn’t use this teapot as a vase, it’s just too pretty! The jewel-tone blue is edged with 22kt gold. Classic.
Break out your scones, it’s tea time!

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  1. allyson said,

    wow that is one of the prettiest blues i’ve ever seen!

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