March 19, 2009

small chic space

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This tiny 450-square foot apartment has been blogged about over and over again but, I mean, LOOK at it! Can you blame us bloggers for drooling? The talented Tori Mellott (who is also an incredibly sweet person) was one of the creative forces behind Domino as the decoration editor, and her apartment is true to Domino fashion.




She shared these tips with Apartment Therapy on how to decorate small spaces:

  • Incorporate Specific Zones You can do this by using bold paint in the entryway and a neutral print in the adjoining space. Contrasting spaces will make the area seem bigger because it’s not just one zone but three to four zones.
  • Use Repeated Motifs In the article, Tori uses chartreuse toile in the hallway and the kitchen. She notes “You’d think the trippy print would be overwhelming but I’ve found that a repeated motif gives the teeniest nook an aura of grandeur.”
  • Light Colors on the Floor Whether you end up painting the hardwood floors white or just use white carpeting or rugs throughout, sunlight tends to bounce off the flooring producing a bright, airy effect.
  • Incorporate Stripes, Drapes or Artwork from Floor to Ceiling In this apartment, she uses wallpaper to emphasize the high ceilings. The artwork above the couch is also displayed to the edge of the ceiling. This trick takes the viewers glance upward which makes any space seem bigger. Drapes hung at the edge of the ceiling and ending at the floor will also produce the same effect.
  • Mix in One or Two Oversized Pieces of Furniture Tori states, “It’s counterintuitive, but having one or two oversize pieces can fool the eye by making the rest of the furniture seem smaller.” She also says that guests “Comment on the 25″-wide lamp because it’s such a surprise.” If your friends are noticing what’s oversized or surprising they are less likely to focus on the size of the space.

The idea of sectioning off zones, whether it be with paint, wallpaper, or furniture, totally works. I’m doing the same with paint in my own apartment and it makes the space look so much larger. I also love how she mixed styles (Parsons and Moroccan tables, best of both worlds!) and the layers make the place look very lived-in. Can’t beat personal style.


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  1. Jennifer said,

    I love the toile wallpaper with the green doors — so rich-looking.

    it’s fun to compare this to her old place too, I love the new direction.

    (still shedding tears over Domino …)

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