March 23, 2009

apartment hunt is now closed

Posted in Apartment Hunt at 3:37 pm by Brit

Oh, how I love New York. In this city, anything can happen. Every aspect of life is so fast-paced, and opportunities are fleeting. That’s why, when I looked at the first apartment of the official hunt today during my lunch break, I ended up signing a lease. There is no “thinking it over” time. There can be no “let’s see what else is out there” thoughts. Especially in this market when prices are ridiculously low…ya gotta snatch it up or someone else will. Forgive me, dear readers, for not involving you in this search, but I do think you will approve.

Here are some highlights:

  • Staying on the Upper East Side. I truly loved living in this neighborhood, so I’m glad I get to stay!
  • First floor
  • Exposed brick, high ceilings, built-in bookshelf, built-in loft
  • True one-bedroom. The bedroom is big enough to fit a bed if I so choose to use the loft as another space (oh how Scout would looove to have his own area!) along with a dresser.
  • Landlord is totally renovating it, so new floors, tiling, and paint (which he is so kindly letting me choose the colors!).
  • Kitchen is a little small, but I can make it work.
  • Moving this weekend!

Pictures to come! Keep a lookout!


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