April 7, 2009

radiator design

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Radiators. Ah yes, proof that you live in a pre-war nyc apartment. A design eyesore for most New Yorkers, however, they can be worked with.

The above pic is a before picture of my living room. I have since painted my radiator Ralph Lauren’s Brilliant White to match my exposed brick wall (the wall was already painted, trust me, I did not ruin perfectly natural brick!) while I decide what exactly I want to do with it. It’s not bad looking with the white, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying as it looks good either, a little too boring for my taste. I could live  with it, but that’s not good enough for me. So, I did a quick search at my go-to site for design dilemmas, Apartment Therapy and found some ideas. 1-11-radiator-cover

I could do a radiator cover…

wooden radiator cabinet company

wooden radiator cabinet company

Or, put a shelf on top of it like this:
carrie's apartment in sex and the city

carrie's apartment in sex and the city



Turn it into artwork (I personally wouldn’t go this route, but I know some folks that could pull this off) both from design boner blog:

designboner5design boner blog


I think this one might be my favorite. They’re not trying to hide it, in fact, they’re celebrating it by painting it a bright yellow that screams “Look at me!” Gotta give credit for being daring. Bright yellow won’t match my decor scheme, but bright RED will! 🙂

christopher baker

christopher baker

Of course, you can always go the au naturale route. I really like worn-looking pieces, ones that have a history, that look like they could tell a million tales. This wouldn’t work in my living room, but it would in my bedroom, so I will probably leave the one in there as is.
I view radiators not as a flaw in previous generations’ version of design but as a nod to the past, a little character thrown in to make our apartments unique amongst the corporate-type condos that are popping up seemingly everywhere nowadays.

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