April 13, 2009

banchet flowers+kelly ripa+electrolux=great day

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kelly and i, courtesy of electrolux

kelly and i, courtesy of electrolux

Today I went to a press conference at Banchet Flowers and though it was really cool to get to interview Kelly Ripa (who is a total doll), I was really excited about the space and flowers (go figure).



I couldn’t really take a picture of the full space because of all the lighting and camera equipment, so I snatched some pics from a fun wedding blog called Always A BlogsMaid and about-town blog New York 10 to show you how simply gorgeous this place is:

always a blogsmaid
always a blogsmaid
new york 10
new york 10

This decadent little flower atelier also doubles as an event space, which makes for a unique venue for a wedding. The owner, Banchet Jaigla, is completely passionate about florals and its obvious in her showroom that hosted some of the most vibrant florals I’ve ever seen. I kinda wanna get married just so I can have an excuse to party here…

P.S. Electrolux and Global Green USA have partnered for a green campaign to promote eco-friendly initiatives to schools across America. Go to their site and if you send a virtual flower, Electrolux will donate $1 to Global Green USA. How great is that? You also get put in a drawing to win that fun washer/dryer that’s in the above pic.

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