April 17, 2009

flea market finds

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1962 vogue magazine
1962 vogue magazine
Last weekend I went to this huge flea market in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn. Though I didn’t find what I was looking for (was really searching for a good trunk to use as an entertainment center), I did come across some items that’ll add flair to my apartment.
I love vintage photography/magazines, so when I saw this original 1962 Vogue hidden underneath tons of vintage Cosmos, I snatched it up. For $10, it was a steal.


cigar box

cigar box

My friend Jen had to talk me into getting this old cigar box. It was only $5 but what held me back was not knowing what to do with it. I may turn it into a jewelry box or make it into my “bills box.”

white fluted vase

white fluted vase

This is the vase that I got at my favorite booth. I would have paid over the $20 pricetag for this beautiful item, I love love love it! Thanks, Stephanie!
wooden boxes

wooden boxes

Now these are fun. Old, wooden boxes that appear to have carried cheeses at some point. It was Jen’s fantastic idea to turn them into planters. She bought the top one, and I took home the bottom one. I believe we paid $8 each.

For those of you in the area, starting this weekend they’re going to have the market outside in Fort Greene as well, just in time for the 70-degree weather!



  1. Jennifer said,

    love your finds! great stuff.

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