April 28, 2009

easy bookshelf diy

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On my 5th birthday, my grandfather handmade me a bookshelf. I still have it, but it needed to be a bit updated. The wood color didn’t match anything that I owned, nor would ever own. Not wanting to trade it in for a new one, I made a few minor adjustments so I could keep it in my decor. I love the simplicity of the design, with the soft serpentine edges keeping it from looking too stiff Federal-style.


I painted it white, ran sandpaper over it to give it a distressed look and then took some wallpaper that I snagged from the giveaway table when I was at Elle Decor (I knew I would eventually use it!) and lined the back of the shelves to add some subtle interest. I didn’t want to bring too much attention to the bookself…with the amount of books that I have, it would cause it to look cluttered in my tiny apartment.

I did leave a small section unpainted…on the back my grandfather wrote “9/26/1989 Happy Birthday Brittny.”  Reading that makes me happy 🙂

Also, sorry I didn’t take a before pic! I thought I had a picture of this bookshelf taken in my old apartment, but unfortunately the entirety of it did not make it into the picture.

This literally took me 2 hours tops. It was a quick, easy, and most importantly, cheap, project. It’s amazing what a little paper and a coat of paint can do.




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