June 24, 2009

gravel gardens

Posted in gardening tagged , at 10:11 am by Brit

Obviously, as long as I’m living in Manhattan, I will never have the luxury of having a garden. That’s just the way it is, I’ve come to terms with it. But, I’m just going to use my imagination here and say, if I did have space for a garden, I might consider designing a gravel garden.

apartment therapy

apartment therapy

The most common types of stones used for gravel gardens are water-worn stones: called pea gravel if particles are small; true gravel, if crushed to a gravel size; or more jagged stone chippings, which are available in a wider choice of tones (grey, yellow and red, and even in white).

And, as with all good design, the surroundings matter, so the coloring of the stones and your house will determine the floral aspect.

silver creek garden

silver creek garden

Maintenance on these puppies is pretty low, too. I recommend using mulch matting. If not, you’ll have to apply a path weedkiller once a year and that could affect the nearby plants. Other than that, it really just needs regular raking and a new topping every few years along with the normal care you’d give to your plants of choice.
Sounds easy enough. It’s settled, I’m definitely doing this if I ever leave New York…oh who am I kidding, there’s a better chance at me winning the lottery than moving away from here, but I can at least get my rooftop 🙂 




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