July 16, 2009

this little piggy went to market: piggy bank round-up

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When I was a little girl, my daddy always let me “feed the pig.” No, even though we lived out in the country, it wasn’t a real pig, just a piggy bank that supposedly held my college savings in the form of pennies and nickels. It may have been just a typical black pig-shaped piggy bank, but at least there was some organization to it. Currently, my spare change is thrown wherever it lands. On my bookshelf, on my dresser, in my purse. Maybe I should think about going back to the piggy bank (or some spin on it).



From top to bottom (clockwise):  Animal Banks from dwell • Egg Bank from Plastica • Pamela Barsky Piggy Bank from Flybird • Volcoino Piggy Bank from Umbra • Piggy Bank from the Container Store • Coink! Piggy Bank from Haus Modern Living • Clear Piggy Bank from Roost

And tell me what you think of this one, love it or hate it? I seriously think it’s kinda creepy looking but it’s been a huge hit in the design world. Designed by award-winning interior and industrial designer, Harry Allen, “Bank in the Form of a Pig” is part of his series called “Reality” that consists of objects whose forms are sampled from existing sources. This particular one being a realistic take on the classic piggy bank.  It also comes in gold, gypsum white, and chrome.pig


Btw, after finishing this post, I was browsing through photographer James Merrell’s portfolio and look what I spotted: 

james merrell

james merrell

Told you that little piggy was all over the place.







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  1. allyson said,

    i think that last pig is ugly but hey what do i know apparently merrell thinks it’s hot! haha

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