August 19, 2009

greta garbo estate

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Wearing from nature’s harsh winds and rains, the home of Hollywood icon Greta Garbo sat overlooked in the midst of sparkling new Beverly Hills mansions for years until designer Nicole Sassaman came along and polished it off.

Built in 1937, the home was complementary of Garbo’s mysterious appeal, having small windows and towering exterior walls. While Sassaman tried to remain true to the estate’s roots, she did make some modern-day tweaks.


Originally Garbo’s secluded pink patio, Sassaman enclosed the space, turning it into a living room to capture the breathtaking views.


Subtle patterns in warm neutrals create a calm atmosphere for the master bedroom.


The curved fireplace in what was once the master bedroom is a nod to the home’s crescentic bones.

It was important to Sassaman to associate the house with its first resident. She stayed in the house while building the pool and retaining backyard wall to get a feel for what it was like to live there. “I loved living there with the expansive view of the city and ocean,” she confesses to Elle Decor. The current homeowner, a young Russian film maker, loved the home’s history so much that he bought it under “Greta Garbo, LLC.”

I think the sexy starlet would approve.

**Photos courtesy of Elle Decor





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