November 3, 2009

a pumpkin-themed party

Posted in entertaining, halloween, holidays, life adventures tagged , at 5:14 pm by Brit

In my circle of friends, I’m known as the “Martha Stewart” of the group, so as my best friend’s birthday neared, I jumped for an excuse to break out my skills. And her being a Halloween-fanatic made it just that much more fun.

Her favorite aspect of Halloween is pumpkins, so I did a theme around that.

lollipop holder

lollipop holder


headless horseman with candy bowl head


jack o' lantern rice krispie patch


pumpkin-shape cheese ball


jack o' lantern lights i made out of turnips


this pumpkin had too much to drink


key lime pie (bday girl's fav). got a little messed up in transit. have to say, it was freakin' delicious though.

Hope everyone had a lovely Halloween!



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  1. allyson said,

    cute cute cuuuuute

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