November 5, 2009

currently coveting: aprons

Posted in currently coveting tagged , at 4:57 pm by Brit

I had friends over last night to watch the World Series (yay for the Yankees!) and I cooked for everyone. When I donned my apron to protect my Yankees jersey from getting covered in flour, the stereotypical Southern jokes began. Ah well, they’re a bunch of city dwellers who grew up on take-out, can ya blame them?

They may not like aprons, but I do. Especially pretty vintage ones (unfortunately, my old ratty one doesn’t fall into this category).

thoughts from alice

 These ones from Anthropologie are also quite fantastic.

Ah, domestic bliss.


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  1. allyson said,

    my geology professor told me anthopologie was a great store, i’ll have to check it out!

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