December 8, 2009

kitty + ladder

Posted in Apartment Project, pets tagged at 10:50 pm by Brit

Scout the Cat has taken it upon himself to try to learn how to climb my loft ladder.

The little stinker doesn’t give up easily, but I’m an overprotective mommy so every time he stumbles down the three steps he’s managed to climb, I jump out of bed to make sure he’s okay.

He always is.

And it’s keeping me awake at night.

So what to do? A quick Google search told me that cat ladders are not just a crazy idea thought up in my cat-lady mind. Observe:

via ikea hacker

via democratic underground

via pawfun

I don’t have nearly as much space to work with, but perhaps after the holidays I might tackle building a couple of jumping stations for him. Have you ever had a scenario like this before? Could really use some advice here!


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