January 22, 2010

sweet & chic nursery design

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Personally, I’m about as far away from having a baby as one can get, but I do have tons of friends with a bun in the oven or that have already been blessed with their little bundles of joy.

I’ve never understood why nurseries often lack design. Every time I see a “cutesy” animal-theme I want to gag as if I just took a big whiff of poopy diaper. Just because your baby can’t understand the importance of design doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be surrounded by it. Hey, I’m not pulling this out of my ass, there have been studies done that show surroundingsĀ  effect babies’ early development…of course, I think that more or less pertains to their colorful play items and whatnot, but that’s neither here nor there.

And goodness knows it would make those late nights breastfeeding be a tad more enjoyable to handle (this coming from a non-mom…obviously, right?).

For all those struggling with your nursery design, take heed, there is such thing as a sweet and chic nursery. Here are some examples (and forgive me for lack of crediting…I pulled them from my inspiration folder and have no idea where I originally found them. Let me know if you know!):

I love the modern lines, lime green paint, and you can’t go wrong with that fab Audrey Hepburn art.

Simple and sweet. And beautiful perforated chandelier.

This one might just be my favorite. It’s so childlike and whimsical, yet not overdone.

How elegant is this gender-neutral nursery? I adore the canopied iron rod crib.

This one is designed by Windsor Smith and I believe I came across it on my dear friend Jennifer’s blog.

Love the little splashes of color in this, otherwise, all white nursery. Found via House of Turquoise.

Found in the January issue of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, this nursery is for expectant mother Lee Kleinhelter, owner of Pieces (Southern design fiends, I know you know that store!)

Clearly, when I am ready to start my family, you better believe my baby’s going to sleep in chicness.


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  1. […] last one, I believe, is from the apartment posted here of Pieces owner, Lee […]

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