January 25, 2010

bloomingdale’s big window challenge

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Installed last week, Bloomingdale’s Big Window Challenge is now set up in their flagship store here in Manhattan and voting is underway! The competing windows are designed by Eileen Joyce, Eddie Ross for ELLE Decor, and Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan representing Apartment Therapy.

by eddie ross for elle decor

by eileen joyce

by maxwell gillingham-ryan for apartment therapy

Gah. I think each room has it’s own perfection.

  • Eddie Ross’s: Titled The Modern Woman, it’s typical Eddie Ross-style, mixing old with new in daring patterns. I like it because it looks lived-in. The day’s paper cast aside on the side chair, reminiscent of a Dorothy Draper interior, the champagne, chilled, ready to be popped for expected guests, and I like to imagine that the blue-and-white Delftware collection was put together over years of scouring the Chelsea flea market. In contrast though, there is a lot going on, and my eyes have a hard time resting.
  • Eileen Joyce’s: The Urbane Traveller is simple, with her worldly findings taking centerstage in this design. While her design looks effortless, I think it also looks safe. Complete opposite of Eddie’s.
  • Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan’s: The Writer’s Romantic Supper has a masculine appeal to it, centered around the Ralph Lauren chair, that has been toned down with the Neisha Crosland wallpaper, giving it a nice balance. The trompe l’oeil bookcases are a nice touch, though wouldn’t a writer have actual bookcases? I’m also completely turned off by the shag rug (ick) and the room overall feels very bottom-heavy.

Sigh. I can’t decide though I think I’m leaning towards Eddie’s. Which is your favorite? Tell me, and then cast your vote here.


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