March 4, 2010

house beautiful’s blue chairs

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Funny how my last post was about free furniture, because, I had a little bit more free furniture luck shine down on me again today.

House Beautiful has been sporadically placing blue chairs around NYC the last two days, in honor of their upcoming “Blue” issue. They have been giving hints of the chairs’ whereabouts via Twitter, and I have been furiously following their tweets.

Alas, they never ventured towards the Murray Hill/Flatiron District by my work (they were, however, only a few blocks from my apartment on the Upper East on Tuesday. Drats!).

With each tweet, I crossed my fingers. Finally, the very last stop was posted. Rockefeller Center. I’m not near there, but I figured, what the heck. The prize? A beautiful Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams ‘Wyatt’ chair. Obviously worth skipping lunch for, so I set off.

'wyatt' by mitchell gold + bob williams

Two other chairs were being given away, but they were kids’ chairs and, since I don’t have kids, my mind was set on the MGBW one.

I get there with 15 minutes to wait. I linger, my eyes frantically searching around the ice rink, ready to pounce on any blue chair I saw. Little did I know, another design savvy tigress was snooping around. The chairs finally arrived and she was just a bit more fierce than I. The chair was beautiful, but not worthy of a hospital trip (and to tell ya the truth, after seeing it in person, I’m not sure it would have fit in my apartment).

It was like an insane version of musical chairs. But with a single, oh-so-lovely chair. But I lost the big prize.

I then thought of my senior editor, who just gave birth to two beautiful babies, and claimed one of the kids’ chairs as my own on her behalf. She appreciates good style, and I know little Hunter and Penelope will one day enjoy it.

"avalon child’s chair” from target

I’ll post more images from the blue chair hunt later this week!

Congrats to all the winners and thank you House Beautiful! What a fun contest!


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  1. […] pm by Brit I love that I was caught up in the whirlwind of House Beautiful’s recent “Blue Chair Hunt” contest. Even though I didn’t win big, it felt good to win at all…I never win […]

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