March 1, 2010

free furniture is the best

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At the end of every month, aka moving time, the sidewalks of New York are lined with rejected pieces of furniture, not worthy of being taken to the new apartment their owners are moving into.

But one person’s trash is another’s treasure, am I right? Point in case:

Found this puppy on the sidewalk by my apartment last night. Poor thing, all it needs is a little tender loving care. Nothing a few coats of paint (and a new drawer for the bottom) can’t fix.

No idea where I’ll put it, but I figured if I can’t find a place, then I’ll just put it back out on the sidewalk for another creative person to find and give it a new home.

In the meantime, Scout the Cat is enjoying a new height to perch upon.


June 5, 2009

dresser makeover

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Back in college, I went through an “Asian-themed” phase. I have since moved on, but still have a few stragglers in the forms of accessories and this dresser:

pier 1

pier 1

I really like the actual bones of the piece, and I believe it’d make a nice makeover project. Maybe painted an off-white or light grey-blue color, sandpaper it down, and top it off with pretty knobs like these:

drawer pulls AT

Note to self: Scour the flea markets over the next couple of weeks for vintage knobs.

April 28, 2009

easy bookshelf diy

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On my 5th birthday, my grandfather handmade me a bookshelf. I still have it, but it needed to be a bit updated. The wood color didn’t match anything that I owned, nor would ever own. Not wanting to trade it in for a new one, I made a few minor adjustments so I could keep it in my decor. I love the simplicity of the design, with the soft serpentine edges keeping it from looking too stiff Federal-style.


I painted it white, ran sandpaper over it to give it a distressed look and then took some wallpaper that I snagged from the giveaway table when I was at Elle Decor (I knew I would eventually use it!) and lined the back of the shelves to add some subtle interest. I didn’t want to bring too much attention to the bookself…with the amount of books that I have, it would cause it to look cluttered in my tiny apartment.

I did leave a small section unpainted…on the back my grandfather wrote “9/26/1989 Happy Birthday Brittny.”  Reading that makes me happy 🙂

Also, sorry I didn’t take a before pic! I thought I had a picture of this bookshelf taken in my old apartment, but unfortunately the entirety of it did not make it into the picture.

This literally took me 2 hours tops. It was a quick, easy, and most importantly, cheap, project. It’s amazing what a little paper and a coat of paint can do.